LED backlight driver board

DX26 series

led driver board


DX26 series is a high voltage Boost driver with 1~4 channels adjustable constant current regulators for LED backlight applications.
The D26 series eliminates the audio noise by maintaining constant LED current regulation during PWM dimming.It could output the lowest dropout voltage among used channels to Boost Driver in order to maintain the output voltage in optimal level.
An OVP circuit is built for open-loop protection when any string becomes open.
Analog dimming control(option), built in DC to PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) module, signal for the dimming control function allows users to set LED brightness smoothly.



  1. 10V to 32V Wide input voltage range.
  2. Step-up conversion (up to 16 LEDs each string)
  3. External PWM dimming control.(PWM Input frequency Range: 240Hz ~ 30kHz) External DC (0V ~ +3.3V) dimming control,(Option).
  4. Output LED String Open Protection.
  5. Output LED String Short Protection.
  6. Output LED String Over Current Protection.
  7. Thermal protection function protects IC from over temperature damage.


  1. LED Backlight for LCD Monitor / TV
  2. DC / DC BOOST LED lighting